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Welcome to Yiqi Translations! chinese english translator 逸麒翻译社欢迎您!

Chinese to English Translations by a native English speaker
Yiqi Translation Services is the freelance translation office of J. Edward Brown, specializing in accurate, high quality Chinese to English translations performed exclusively by a native English speaker.
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Yiqi Translations Services hopes to meet the demands of clients and agencies faced with a lack of qualified, professional, native English-speaking Chinese to English translators. I translate only from Chinese, my language of daily use, into English, my mother tongue.
multilingual and multicultural
As a native English speaker settled in Northeastern China, I have rare access to the usage and culture of the language I translate from. Professional translation is not a simple academic exercise and requires a linguistic and cultural understanding of both the target and source languages. Extended residence in China and America ensures the accuracy and readability of my translations.

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J. Edward Brown is an American freelance Chinese to English translator living in Northeastern China.
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